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Why is River Cruising Popular Now?

Ever since I did my first river cruise with Viking from Paris to Zürich it’s been my favourite way of vacationing, then sailing on the Rhine at Christmastime with Avalon sealed the deal for me!

I just read recently that river cruises are super popular right now and availability is limited, even for a year or two in advance. If you’re interested in doing one keep reading and I’ll tell you why it’s my favourite way to vacation.

Unpack Once, See Multiple Countries

I don’t know about you but packing and unpacking my suitcase and changing hotels every few nights is not part of a fun vacation so unpacking once and visiting multiple countries is my perfect vacation! Even travelling with just a carry-on, I’d rather have my home base and explore from there. A home base that moves…even better! I managed to go on a two-week river cruise with just a carry-on because there was laundry service onboard, perfect.

I’m On and Off the Boat Every Day

I love being able to explore a different town each day and see the stunning scenery go by as we sailed some afternoons. When I did an ocean cruise, I looked forward to the days in port and enjoyed the “at sea” days less. One of my favourite days on the Avalon Christmas river cruise was going on a wine tour in the morning (yes, I had wine at 9 am… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?), going on a walking tour of a historic town elaborately decorated for Christmas, and lastly watching the scenery go by while relaxing in the Lounge on my ship, before dinner.

On a river cruise, I can visit places that I wouldn’t normally get to on my own. If I rented a car and drove myself, I would miss out on so much. Having everything looked after for me is what I need so I can relax and enjoy my vacation.

Stunning Scenery

Seeing half-timbered buildings, historic towns, and castles, as we sail, is another favourite of river cruising. Combined with the personally escorted tours each day through the historic towns, knowledgeable guides sharing the history and highlights along the way, makes river cruising even more special. Being part of a small group, we were able to access museums and other activities that are popular with tourists, without having to stand in line and wait hours.

Most River Cruises are Luxurious

River cruise companies and their staff work hard to provide guests with the best experience and feel as comfortable as possible. Actually, it’s more comfortable than home for me! Can I just live on a river cruise ship?

With less than 200 people per ship, they aren’t crowded. I was raving the other day, about the staff on the Christmas markets cruise a few months ago… I left my suite to have breakfast and by the time I returned it was completely clean and tidied up. I need this service at home!

The amenities are first-class… salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, extremely comfortable beds with Egyptian cotton linens, and fully stocked mini-fridges, just to name a few things!

Gourmet Dining

Let’s talk about food. I can’t say enough about the delicious meals I’ve had when river cruising. From daily breakfast buffets with a chef making fresh omelettes, to many lunch buffet options with chef’s featured stations, to four-course dinners consisting of regional cuisine. For some, like me, with food allergies, the chef spoke to me each day to make sure he/she had options and advised me on other dishes that I could have. I was well looked after! In fact, I ate like a queen and still lost weight on my last cruise!

River Cruises are Not Only in Europe

Does this type of vacation interest you? You can explore a lot of the world by river, not just in Europe. 

  • You can cruise through Asia and explore countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, India, and Thailand. 
  • The next country on my list to explore is Egypt — I am looking forward to seeing the pyramids in person one day soon. 
  • How does cruising through South America sound to you? Peru and the Amazon… Galapagos and Ecuador. 
  • Don’t forget all of the special interest river cruises as well. These would be perfect for your book club, photography group, culinary or dining group, wine lovers group, history club, religious group, nature club, Christmas lovers, and more! Avalon has a Storyteller series where you can sail with some of your favourite authors, and another for my list… the tulip festivals in Holland! 
  • Oberammergau 2022… only every 10 years the world-famous Oberammergau Passion Play is performed from May to September…this would be something special to see! 

More Details

If you’d like more details on river cruising, ask me in the comments below!

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