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UPDATE: I had such a great time on this Catamaran so it is sad to hear that this service is no longer offered. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 

My stay was sponsored by V2V Vacations. Opinions are my own.

One of the challenges in visiting Vancouver Island lately is the long ferry waits. Sometimes I’ve waited for two sailings, and at certain times of the year, I’ve heard of people waiting longer. This new luxury cruise is perfect for a weekend getaway!

No need to wait in ferry lines…multiple sailing waits, or take taxis from the ferry terminal on your next trip between Victoria and Vancouver! There is a new option for a scenic cruise directly from downtown Vancouver to Victoria’s inner harbour aboard the luxurious V2V Empress.

You can choose from two classes, Royal and Premium. If you can, choose Royal for the ultimate experience on the upper deck which includes food an alcoholic drink, and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks! You’ll be seated in comfortable recliners and have a beautiful scenic view of the entire voyage. Watch for whales and other sea life!

V2V Empress, V2V VacationsV2V Empress, V2V VacationsV2V Empress, V2V Vacations

We embarked on a day trip from Vancouver to Victoria and back, but you can choose from many other options and even stay in Victoria longer. There’s so much to see in BC’s capital city, that one afternoon is simply not enough time to experience it properly.

Victoria Excursions

There are many things to do and see in Victoria such as visit Butchart Gardens, see Victoria’s Chinatown, visit the Royal BC Museum, visit Craigdarroch Castle, take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour, Cycling Tour, Brewery & Distillery Tours, and a Culinary Walking Tour.

We chose to have High Tea at The Fairmont Empress Hotel. This is one experience that I have wanted to do since I started visiting Victoria over 30 years ago.

Fairmont Empress High Tea, Victoria, BC Fairmont Empress High Tea, Victoria, BC Fairmont Empress High Tea, Victoria, BC

Top Reasons You Should Book a Trip with V2V Vacations

  1. No ferry wait. Sometimes I’ve experienced 2 sailing waits and I’ve heard of others waiting longer on busy times of the year. With V2V Vacations you will sail from harbour to harbour.
  2. No waiting in line for taxis, or the added cost.
  3. Two classes of service—choose Royal for comfortable seating in recliners, with blankets if needed, meals, and drinks.
  4. Affordable price. If you add up all the costs, including time spent waiting at the ferry lineups, it’s well worth the price.
  5. Stunning British Columbia scenery. Of course, we have the best scenery in the world, I’m biased…on this cruise, you have the opportunity to also see orca pods, seals, and other wildlife. The captain will probably slow down so you can get a better look…this won’t happen on the ferry!

Book your cruise now for this wonderful experience!

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