Wall of Fire — CF18

I was fortunate to go back to my hometown and promote, via social media, Quesnel, BC’s International Airshow “SkyFest” this past summer — my sister Barb and I (Social Media Divas). It was exciting to see the quality of performers that the organizers of SkyFest booked for this two-day event.

Carol Pilon (wingwalker)
Carol Pilon assembling her plane in preparation for wingwalking!

We went to the Quesnel airport for a couple days before the airshow started and enjoyed being behind the scenes.  We were able to talk to Carol Pilon, the “wingwalker” as she assembled her plane. She drove across Canada to participate in this airshow—and she was spectacular!

Barb was at the airport to get a new schedule and see what was happening on the Wednesday before SkyFest started, and Kent Pietsch, the stunt pilot for Jelly Belly Candy asked her if she wanted to go for a ride in his plane “to burn off some fuel”. Yikes!

Jelly Belly plane
Jelly Belly plane

Being “media” had its benefits!  We had the privilege of interviewing Canadian Forces Snowbirds pilots and taking photos with them. We took photos and interviewed Captain Denis Bandet and Captain Trevor Shawaga. This was the first time the Snowbirds have been to Quesnel.

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Another big “first” was this was the first time the CF-18 landed at the Quesnel Airport.  Captain Patrick “Flocho” Pollen did a great job of getting that plane on the ground!

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Friday evening we had dinner with all the pilots — a genuine outdoor pig roast at the airport… and it was delicious!  It was nice to be able to sit down and talk casually with the pilots, who spread out and sat with everyone.

I was surprised at how little media attention the Airshow drew, for such a large event with many “first times”. The Discovery Channel Canada was there, the Quesnel Cariboo Observer newspaper, CKPG TV, and Cariboo Radio, as well as my sister and I managing the social media. Most of the time it was my sister and I and the official photographer, Les Carlson, atop the 15 foot high media scaffolding. It was great for us… centre-show!

Throughout the next two days there were many great performances and I could go on an on about each one of them. Instead, here’s a slideshow!

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A big thanks to all the performers!

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