Sun Peaks Resort, BC

I am fortunate to live so close to an amazing ski hill—Sun Peaks Resort. It’s been a number of years since I have driven the short 45 minutes, to visit the resort in the summertime. Not sure why I waited so long!

Saturday morning I texted a recent grad of Thompson Rivers University, where I work, and basically dragged her out of bed at noon and said in all caps “ASSIE GET UP…WE’RE GOING TO SUN PEAKS NOW!” Serves her right for telling me she was “in” for my next adventure. 🙂

After setting up a GoPro camera on my car to record the beautiful drive, we set off for the mountain. After endless talking and laughs we made it.  Check out the short video of our afternoon and please be gentle on me, it’s my first attempt at a vlog…video blog…video anything! Yes, you can also tease Assie for wearing fancy shoes and looking like a fashion queen on our “hike”. Well, that’s what we called it.  Enjoy!

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  1. Super video! And loved the accompanying music as well. and now i know i NEED a hula girl!!! ASAP!

  2. Very surprised to hear that this was your first attempt at a vlog because you would’ve never known! Videos are so cool because it makes me feel like I am there more than a photo does. This resort looks unreal – that top photo is to die for.

    1. Thanks so much Christie!! I appreciate it! I need to do more videos for sure. It’s definitely a great resort in the summer and winter. 🙂

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