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Maligne Lake and Maligne Canyon in Jasper National Park

The lake cruise and hotel were gifted by Pursuit Collection, opinions are my own. 

If you know anything about Western Canada, you know we struggle with wildfires every summer. Recently, Jasper was affected by the Chetamon wildfire, and the whole town was without power. Tourists were asked not to visit until the power was restored. I can say… it’s back on, and the fire damage was minimal, thanks to the hard work of the firefighting teams!! It’s time to revisit Jasper and admire the autumn colours before the snow falls…who’s with me?

Jasper is gorgeous year-round, and the following highlights are from a short summer stay on a perfect day with sunny skies!

Maligne Lake Cruise

Where to Stay

This visit, my hotel of choice was The Crimson Jasper — a modern hotel located in downtown Jasper and an easy walk to restaurants, breweries, and shopping. Jasper is popular all times of the year and the hotels and activities book up fast. I recommend planning ahead to make sure the activities you want to do and the areas you want to visit are open during the season of your choice.

Maligne Lake Cruise

When you’re in Jasper, you must go on a cruise of Maligne Lake to Spirit Island! The lake is protected so you can only get to Spirit Island by this cruise tour or by canoe/kayak. Canoes and kayaks can be rented from the Boathouse but be prepared, it’s an all-day adventure when the weather is good. Typically it is about 5 hours to paddle to Spirit Island and the same back. Take the cruise. 🙂 The first time I visited there was too much smoke in the air from fires in BC, so I didn’t see very much of the stunning scenery, and to top it off, it was also raining. It still was beautiful and worth the visit but this time everything was so perfect with amazing weather after the fog cleared, as you can see in my video and photos!

On the drive to Maligne Lake, I spotted some typical Canadian wildlife… Canada Geese. Sadly no bear, moose, or elk on this trip! Just means I need to go back. 🙂

Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Maligne Lake Cruise, Jasper National Park

Canada Geese, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Canada Geese, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Maligne Canyon Hike

On the way back to the town of Jasper, I stopped at Maligne Canyon to see what it looks like in the summer with rushing waterfalls. I visited in the winter for the Ice Walk through the Canyon, which is a completely different experience. Jump over to my winter highlights and see the Canyon with snow!

On this visit, I ventured out to walk the trail through the top part of the Canyon. There are a few options for hikes from an easy walk to a more difficult, longer hike. All are documented on signage throughout the trails.

Maligne Canyon waterfall, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Maligne Canyon waterfall, Jasper National Park

Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen

From my winter visit, I remembered the ooey-gooey Mac ‘n Cheese and the Garlic Parsley Fries at the Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen, so I couldn’t leave without having lunch on the outdoor patio, watching the fast-flowing water nearby. I also tried the Gourmet Flatbread (Tomato Basil Sauce, Melted Leeks, Oka Cheese, Wild Boar Bacon, Venison Sausage). YUM! The leftovers were great for dinner during the rest of my road trip plus another meal the next day!

Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen, Jasper National Park, Alberta
Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen, Jasper National Park

More of Jasper

If you have more time to spend in Jasper, a great place to stay and explore is the Columbia Icefield. The hotel and activities close for the winter season so make sure to plan ahead as it is an area worth exploring.

For those interested in winter visits to Jasper, there is plenty to do!

Besides my overnight stay, these adventures were done in just 6 hours. I will be making plans for a longer stay in Jasper, where I can do some wildlife stalking, winter exploring, and more in this gorgeous National Park! What are your favourite highlights of Jasper National Park?

The lake cruise and hotel were gifted by Pursuit Collection, opinions are my own. 

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