FlyOver Las Vegas - Experience the Wild West

I just checked out the newest attraction on the Las Vegas Strip…FlyOver by Pursuit. It’s more than a great show… the full multi-sensory experience begins from the moment I walked in the doors. 

After purchasing tickets, the next stop is The Lost Cactus Bar area which is themed after the bottom of a canyon. They serve signature drinks and snacks, created to match the elements of the FlyOver experience. This is a great place to relax before and/or after the film and after browsing the gift store. The drinks pictured left below are the Prickly Pear Margarita, Sin City Cocktail, and the Desert Sunset.

Located beside the Hard Rock Café — you can’t miss the huge guitar as a landmark — and across the street from Park MGM, which is a great place to stay so close to everything. If you like Italian food, Eataly, in the Park MGM covers all of your cravings from charcuterie boards to pasta and pizza… and Aperol Spritz. Delicious!

The pre-show experience is well thought out and as I walked down the hallways lit up in different calming colours, I entered the circular pre-show Boarding Area with a central hanging medallion featuring a Wild West show and history of the American West. 

The next stop was the featured ride. Everything is larger than life in Las Vegas, including the 52-foot wrap-around screen that showcases stunning scenery of the American West from the Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon, Zion and Arches National Parks, and so much more. After I was strapped in and ready to go, the lights went out and the row of seats moved forward and it felt like I was suspended over a canyon. The state-of-the-art moving platform made me feel like I was sitting in the front of a helicopter, flying over the desert, cities, and canyons. I dipped and turned and felt the wind and cool mist of the colder locations, and smelled the sage when flying over the desert. 

Without giving everything away, a few of the film highlights we soared over are a volcano, riding through Yellowstone with a herd of stallions, surfing in San Francisco, nosediving into the Grand Canyon, soaring through a Wild West ghost town, following a skydiver, sailing over the Golden Gate Bridge, and flying over the Las Vegas Strip. This is something you can’t just read about, you have to go there and experience it for yourself!

To purchase tickets, visit the FlyOver website and hit the “buy tickets” button in the top right corner.


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