Festive Christmas Lights of Kamloops

One of my favourite things to do at Christmas is to make a hot chocolate, put on Christmassy flannel pyjamas, and drive around looking at the festive Christmas lights all over the City. This year was no different! This was the first year I’ve stayed home in a while, so I was excited to explore Kamloops after a recent snowfall — I couldn’t go earlier…it’s just not the same without snow on the ground! Many more houses are decorated this year, understandably so, and I was in my glory the past two evenings!

These photos don’t do justice to the beautiful, colourful lights, but I hope you can appreciate the hard work of each homeowner! There are many many more than just these few examples, maybe I’ll have to go for another drive soon and add to this collection.

Where is your favourite place to see the beautifully decorated homes during this season?

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