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Banff Sightseeing by Vintage Open Top Coach

This tour was hosted by Pursuit Collection, opinions are my own. 

Spring is here, and it’s time to plan road trips again. This is a perfect way to spend 90 minutes touring the areas of Banff you wouldn’t otherwise consider from inside a replica vintage 1930s coach with the roof off and learning about the area’s history and the people who built the town.

Jim Brewster, a well-known tour operator in the Canadian Rockies, was always ahead of the trends. His original open top touring coach “Old White”, offered tourists in Banff a whole new experience in the late 1930s, from the comfort of this coach.

Original open top coach
Old White, Jim Brewster’s original open-top tour coach. Photo: Pursuit Collection.

Old White was restored and can be seen in Banff, and a new modern-vintage version was created with modern enhancements and safety, of course. They are once again showing visitors iconic locations rich in history.

Open Top Touring, Banff, Alberta

I went on this tour in the Fall when they first opened, and I look forward to going again. I learn something new each time I take a tour. The guides are excellent storytellers, weaving the history of the founders of Banff and the events that led up to the current day, with the stunning scenery of the Canadian Rockies. From my seat in the replica 1930s vintage automobile, I loved standing up when we stopped to take photos through the open roof.

Make this unique tour part of your next visit to Banff National Park. The tour starts at The Mount Royal Hotel, a great place to stay right downtown and convenient for exploring the many restaurants. Banff has a bus service so if you choose not to drive, take the bus to the Banff Gondola and see the vast mountain ranges of the Canadian Rockies up close and personal!

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This tour was hosted by Pursuit Collection, opinions are my own. 

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