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Social media is powerful but it’s also misunderstood. In its simplest form, it is a way to connect with friends and family and a way to share parts of your daily life. In its more complex form, social media is a unique way to promote your business and products globally in a short amount of time. While you can take months or years to study everything about social media and develop complex business strategies, there are three common myths about social media that can be dispelled today.

Myth #1: You must be on every single social media platform.

Expanding your reach is certainly a goal for business owners and coaches as that brings in more sales and clients, which equals increased income. However, the real question to ask before signing up for every platform is: where is my ideal client? Using Facebook just because it has over 1 billion users doesn’t mean those 1 billion users will find you and start purchasing. Identify your ideal client and find out where they hang out. Those are the platforms you should use.

Myth #2: Aim for every post to go viral.

It’s always fun to see a post go viral as they are usually entertaining or thought-provoking but of the viral campaigns you’ve noticed recently, could you say what company sponsored them? I can’t either. Choose to provide value in your posts mixed in with some of your personality as opposed to aiming for shock or entertainment value — unless that is your business! Your ideal client wants to learn from you so your valuable lesson will be heard and remembered long after the latest viral video fades away.

Myth #3: Having a large number of followers equals increased profits.

It’s great to see a large number of social media followers but are these followers interacting with you? Are they liking or sharing your posts? Are they leaving comments? If not, then chances are they are not your ideal client and chances are they will never purchase one of your packages. Evaluate your own posts; it’s quite possible they’re boring and that’s the reason for no response. Be more creative with your posts and watch for audience interaction. This directs back to the need for niching down to your ideal customer.

You’re not appealing to everyone; you’re appealing to a small fraction of the world’s population. Pay attention to finding that demographic and the number of engaged audience members will follow, as will the profits. It’s more about reaching your ideal audience than a big number of followers, though reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram will get you the “swipe up” feature in Stories where you can add a web link.

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