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Meet Sherri


Welcome to my little part of the web. Hello, fellow travellers! I'm a travel blogger and photographer who loves to explore and share the beautiful places I've visited around the world. My passion for seeing the world takes me from the bustling streets of big cities to the quiet, hidden corners of nature. I'm all about finding those special spots that might not be on everyone's radar. My blog is like a diary of my adventures, full of the unforgettable moments that only travel can give. So come along with me as I continue to discover the wonders of the world and hopefully inspire you to go on your own journeys.

What’s next?


I'm new to YouTube and am enjoying sharing my travels in a more immersive way.


I create templates and planners. You can find these in my Etsy store.


If you're a brand and wish to work with me, let's start a conversation.

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