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Canadian Destinations

My home country is so vast, yet I hope to explore as much of it as I can now that travelling is my main focus and covid is almost in the past. To date, I’ve mostly spent time in British Columbia and Alberta and would love suggestions of must-see places in other provinces and territories… I can’t wait to see more!

Meet the author

Hi there, I’m Sherri!

Welcome to my little place online where my two passions of travel and photography have come together.

Nothing is more satisfying than visiting places in person I’ve only seen in history books, and helping others find their dream vacations! 

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European Destinations

I’ve had the opportunity to explore the highlights of Europe during river cruises and escorted tours. Though my time at each destination was brief, it gave me the desire to return, stay longer, and explore more!

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I design planners and templates to help save you time in your business and life!

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Exploring the USA

The United States of America (USA), our neighbour to the south, holds a lot of interest for me, especially for road trips and rail tours. I will be exploring more now that covid is nearly a thing of the past.

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Tropical Resorts

A good beach read, girlie drink, sunshine, and the sound of the sea are sometimes all I need for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation!

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I’m a travel agent who works with travellers who prefer an authentic experience with some comforts of home included. I plan extraordinary vacations for those who seek immersion into local culture and a quality experience. I handle every detail for you and get you the best deal possible.

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