Cross-Border Shopping for Canadians to Seattle Premium Outlets and Tulip Resort Casino

Cross-Border Shopping for Canadians to Seattle Premium Outlets and Tulip Resort Casino

It’s always time to shop at the Seattle Premium Outlets!  Summertime, Black Friday, and especially weekends, it is a very busy place—prepare for long lineups! For us Canadians it is a great day trip and even better to stay overnight near the outlets to make more time for cross-border shopping.

A few months ago a friend and I stayed at the affordable Best Western Tulalip Inn which is only a few blocks from the Seattle Premium Outlets.

To prepare for this shopping trip I have a few tips for you.

  1. If you are staying overnight, book your hotel in advance as you won’t be the only one!  A few nearby hotels are Best Western Tulalip Inn, Tulalip Resort Casino, and more accommodations are listed on the webpage for the outlet mall.
  2. Sign up for the VIP Shopping Club on the Seattle Premium Outlets website. Print off all of the discount coupons, including the one for the coupon book. If you don’t have this coupon you will be charged $5 at the info desk for the VIP Coupon Book.  Some stores will allow you to use more than one coupon for your purchases…every little bit helps!
  3. The outlet mall opens at 10am and it is good to get there early as it gets busy…and even busier on Black Friday!  If you are not shopping on Black Friday, try to go during the week instead of a weekend. We shopped on a Wednesday and there were no lineups but when we went back on Saturday we had to wait in lines for most stores.
  4. For Canadians, make sure your passport is up-to-date and doesn’t expire within 6 months of your shopping trip.
  5. Buy out-of-country medical insurance…it’s well worth it even if you’re just going for a few hours.  I buy a year’s worth at BCAA for around $100, or you can buy by the day for minimal cost.
  6. Check how much you can bring back across the border without paying duty. Information for Canadian residents returning home can be found here. The best value is to stay 48 hours or longer in which you can bring back $800CAD worth of your amazing shopping purchases, duty-free.

We discovered a store near the Outlets called WinCo Foods. WOW!  The prices for groceries are better than Fred Meyer and other groceries stores I have shopped at in Washington.  They also have coupons on their website and smart shopper tips. I brought back cheese (cut it up and froze it for future use) and my new favourite…Hawaiian Blend K-Cups made by Tulley’s/Green Mountain Coffee—smooth and rich!  We bought a few large thermal bags that helped keep our groceries cold for the drive home.

Thermal Bag hot cold

Meals near Seattle Premium Outlets

Of course if you’re spending all this time and effort shopping, you will be hungry!!  Nearby, my two favourites are the Tulalip Resort Casino — Eagles Buffet and Olive Garden. If you will be eating at the Tulalip Resort Casino, sign up for the Rewards Club so you can get 10% off of your buffet (regular cost $19.95 for adults). If you’re a seafood lover like me, “Seafood Night” is Tuesday but if they have leftovers they will serve it the next night.

Olive Garden is one of my all-time favourite restaurants. I recommend the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks and you can have a filling lunch for under $10 or under $15 for dinner, then get back to shopping!

Now that shopping and food have been covered… for those of you bringing your husbands or boyfriends (to carry your shopping bags), you can reward them with a trip to nearby Cabella’s!

For the techies… if you don’t already have the app, install “Border Buddy” in the iTunes App Store or “Best Time to Cross the Border” in the Google Play Store and plan ahead for the border crossing! And if you will be using your cell phone across the border, make sure you get a text and data package from your service provider!

I’d love to hear more tips and recommendations for shopping across the border. Please leave comments below and/or tweet me @girlonthegoca #shopseattleoutlets (sorry it’s a long hashtag, but not used yet!)

Happy shopping!

Seattle Premium Outlets Cross-Border Shopping, Tulalip Resort Casino