Dim Sum at Victoria Oriental Restaurant

Dim Sum at Victoria Oriental Restaurant

Victoria Oriental Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Kamloops. They are known for their dim sum, but also have a good selection of other Asian food to choose from with names I can’t pronounce.

My colleagues and I tend to have “eggplant cravings” every couple weeks and head to Victoria Oriental for bonding over dim sum. The Dry Garlic Eggplant is something you MUST try, with it’s crunchy exterior and soft, delicious inside. The Prawn and Green Leek Cakes are also high on our list, as well as the Salt & Pepper Squid, Ginger Beef, Spicy Wontons, and Prawn Dumplings.  My colleagues have high praises for the Green Beans & Minced Meat dish, as well.

Highly recommended! I’ll visit often!

Victoria Oriental Restaurant
1138 Victoria Street
(250) 377-6886