About Girl on the Go

Who the heck is this “Girl on the Go” you ask?

I am a graphic designer and social media coach, and marketing strategist—this blog is of the “fun” part of my life! I love food and travel…what a combination.

My latest obsession is social media. The digital world changes quickly, and there is so much to learn—I am eager to soak it all in! I’m currently building my Instagram strategy and am gaining 1.3K followers per week with 7.63% engagement.  I am an international speaker and enjoy sharing with others how to use social media to promotion their businesses.

I work as a Marketing Strategist at a university in Canada and won the Distinguished Services Award 2014, at Thompson Rivers University, for Social Media for International Student Recruitment.

I have over 26 years of graphic and web design experience, social media training, speaking, and consulting. You can visit my business website, Sherri King Communications, for more details on what I really do!